Watch: KLM connects people through live hologram bar

Watch: KLM connects people through live hologram bar

What if travellers waiting to board a plane could exchange tips face-to-face with others heading in the opposite direction? KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has built a bar where these travellers can meet to exchange local tips. Today, KLM is launching its “Take-Off Tips’’ campaign in the US, UK, Brazil, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Using a live connection, customers could chat with a hologram of their counterparts, looking each other straight in the eye. There is no better way to get the best local travel tips. But even more interesting, there is no better way to share real cultural insights. With the help of the Take-Off Tips bar, customers can talk to each other at airports in Amsterdam, Oslo, and Rio de Janeiro – strangers who would otherwise never have met.

The hologram bar connected people in real time by projecting them into the airport on the other side of the world. To reach a wider audience with KLM’s Take-Off Tips bar, we filmed the conversations of travellers heading in opposite directions and created a short film of the warmest moments. We have now shared this film online.Click here to view a video on the Hologram Bar.

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